Time for Change: Four Essential Skills for Transformational School and District Leaders (Educational Leadership Development for Change, Paperback/Anthony Muhammad


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Description Transformational leaders have four distinctive skills: strong communication, the ability to build trust, the ability to increase the skills of those they lead, and a results orientation. Time for Change offers powerful guidance for those seeking to develop and strengthen the educational leadership skills needed for change management and overcoming resistance to change. Throughout this authoritative guide, Anthony Muhammad and Luis F. Cruz share concrete tools and strategies that will prepare you to lead your school toward lasting, meaningful, and strategic change. Use this educational leadership book to inspire a shared vision and help in overcoming resistance to change: Develop an understanding of educational leadership and change management as skills that can be practiced and improved. Consider three questions of transformational leadership (Why? Who? How?) and then Do Learn about the technical and cultural dimensions of change and the ways in which both must be addressed. Understand the reasons behind resistance to change and how to manage it through effective leadership. Synthesize your skills as a school leader and utilize them to effect strategic change. Contents: Introduction Chapter 1: Finding Balance for Systems Change Chapter 2: Communicating the Rationale -- Building Cognitive Investment Chapter 3: Establishing Trust -- Making an Emotional Investment Chapter 4: Building Capacity -- Making a Functional Investment Chapter 5: Getting Results -- Collecting the Return on Investment Chapter 6: Tying It All Together Afterword: Final Thoughts References and Resources

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