Dogs, Volume 4, Paperback/Shirow Miwa



 viz Media - 2010 - 208 de pagini



Stray dogs howling in the dark. Reads R to L (Japanese Style). Stray dogs howling in the dark. As Campanella Fr hling's train speeds on, bearing disaster to the Underground and its denizens, Bishop gives Heine more clues to his past. But the aims of Bishop, who wears his own "collar," are unclear: why is he revealing these things now, and why did he save Heine in the first place? Meanwhile, Badou takes on another freelance job from Granny Liza to gather information--and soon discovers it was the information that his brother died pursuing...About the Author: Shirow Miwa debuted in Ultra Jump magazine in 1999 with the short series Black Mind. His next series, Dogs, published in the magazine from 2000 to 2001, instantly became a popular success. He returned in 2005 with Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, which is currently running in Ultra Jump. Miwa also creates illustrations for books, music videos and magazines, and produces doujinshi (independent comics) under the circle name m. m.m. WORKS. His website is http: //mmm-gee. net.

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