Color by Numbers Adult Coloring Book of Small Breed Dogs (Volume 2): An Easy Color by Number Adult Coloring Book of Small Breed Dogs Including Dachshu, Paperback/Color Therapy Coloring Books


Description The cuteness continues in volume 2 of this series. Enjoy a coloring book full of some of the cutest small dog breeds including Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Pugs, Hounds, Maltese, Bulldogs and Terriers. Each illustration is more endearing than the next. There are dogs snorkeling, dogs taking a road trip and dogs dressed up for Halloween to name a few. The color key on the back and numbers throughout the illustrations make this an easy book to just dive right into no matter your age or skill level. This book is perfect for dog lovers and is sure to bring relaxation and joy in every page - Pages printed single sided - 20 unique images - A great blend of large and small details in each illustration - Coloring tips included - Two color test pages - Stress relief This book is also available in the original non-numbered version

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