Water Aerobics Instructor Training Manual with Specific Exercise Programs, Paperback/Rob Thomason

Water Aerobics Instructor Training Manual with Specific Exercise Programs, Paperback/Rob Thomason

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This book is an instruction manual that gives the potentially new instructor the basic information needed to become certified in water aerobics along with a regime of exercise moves using water dumbbells. The exercise portion gives the potential new instructor the means to begin their own classes after receiving certification using this protocol of water exercises, though there are other exercise moves that can be incorporated that are not listed in this manual. But this manual is more than just about becoming an instructor. Due to his role as a senior health advocate, the author wishes to impart the importance and benefits of water therapy and water wellness which play in the therapeutic aspect of healing and mending of a patient to the overall fitness and maintaining wellness which an individual receives participating in an actual water aerobics class. He also hopes that the medical field recognizes these attributes and supports its usage for the good of their patients. In the ``About The Author`` section within this manual, the author mentions the trainings and certifications that he has received throughout the various programs that lead him to concentrate on incorporating modifications to various exercise moves so that any individual can join a class and receive basically the same benefits that others get doing the same exercise performed. By having a plan of modified exercises structured within the program, you give those individuals that have trouble keeping up a routine of land exercises (due to any physical limitations), an exercise avenue that is a good fit for their needs and allow them to workout in an overall class structure promoting an atmosphere of safety, camaraderie, and overall fun while getting the physical exercises they need along with the mental challenges that are incorporated within many of the exercises themselves.

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