My Venice and Other Essays, Paperback/Donna Leon



Grove Press - 2014 - 222 de pagini



Donna Leon s wildly popular novels starring Venetian Commissario Guido Brunetti have been praised for their intricate plots and gripping narratives, but also for their insight into the culture, politics, family life, and history of Venice, one of the world s most treasured cities and Leon s home for over thirty years. Leon s books open the doors to a private Venice, beyond the reach of the millions of international travelers who delight in the city s canals, food, and art every year. "My Venice and Other Essays" is a treat for lovers of Italy and "La Serenissima." Collected here are over fifty funny, charming, passionate, and insightful essays that range from battles over garbage in the canals to troubles with rehabbing Venetian real estate. Leon shares episodes from her life in Venice, explores her love of opera, and recounts tales from in and around her country house in the mountains. With poignant observations and humor, she also explores her family history and former life in New Jersey, and the idea of the Italian man."

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