The Way to Heaven: The Gospel According to John Wesley, Paperback

The Way to Heaven: The Gospel According to John Wesley, Paperback

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Is There a Way to Heaven? The great evangelist John Wesley believed there is, and he developed his theology to help people make the journey from sin to salvation. In Wesley's ``order of salvation,`` God's grace is the keynote from start to finish. The Way to Heaven is a twentieth-anniversary revision of John Wesley's Message for Today. Dr. Steve Harper presents Wesley's writings and the ideas of Wesley scholars in language that is clear and accessible but never simplistic. Written in the spirit of Wesley, here are ``plain words for plain people.`` The heart of this book is a thoughtful and inspiring look at Wesley's theology of grace and its power to transform. Included are two new chapters. ``Vision and Means`` explores Wesley's mission and methods, and ``To Serve the Present Age`` considers the impact and relevance of his message today. In addition, an updated reading list facilitates further study, and questions at the end of each chapter stimulate personal reflection and small group discussion. Ideal as a textbook or for personal study and reflection, this book will advance your knowledge and piety as you travel ``the way to heaven.``

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