Gaston(r) Goes to Mardi Gras, Hardcover

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Gastoni1/2 the Green-Nosed Alligator has returned from the swamp and is taking adventurous readers on a tour of Mardi Gras. Experience the real events of Carnival with him through these beautiful illustrations. In Cajun country, he joins a courir du Mardi Gras group, enjoys spicy gumbo, and dances in a fais do-do until dawn. Follow Gastoni1/2 as he travels to New Orleans for even more new sights. He spies a secret krewe building unique floats. He even gets to ride along with the Krewe of Zulu as they deliver painted coconuts to crowds who are yelling ""Throw me something, mister "" The magnificent parade of Rex, King of Carnival, delights Gastoni1/2, and the festivities continue late into the night as krewe members dance the night away at magical balls. Come join this gator in his Mardi Gras discovery

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