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Funny, feisty, fiftysomething Lizzie Moffitt is coming to terms with her life and status as a recently retired divorcee. In an effort to encourage her mother to be more proactive, daughter Sam gives Lizzie a diary, which becomes an integral part of her journey of adjustment. Lizzie imagines herself and others in the future reading the diary and discovers that writing it is therapeutic, helping her through life's challenges. Revisiting diaries from her youth, filled with hilarious anecdotes, also enables Lizzie to restore her former confidence. Having given up her search for love after some disastrous dates, she volunteers at the local Refugee Centre and feels valued again. There are parallels drawn between the refugees' status and her own - each feels like a second class citizen, invisible to others. However, their heart-wrenching stories place Lizzie's problems firmly into perspective. Lizzie meets Lucas at the centre, a Colombian refugee, and their friendship serves as a welcome boost to her battered ego. She revels in showing him the best of her home city, Newcastle upon Tyne, with its diverse and exciting range of annual events and festivals. As a volunteer, Lizzie is faced with a moral dilemma when her relationship with Lucas develops to another level. Having regained her joie de vivre, Lizzie takes us on a journey of renewed optimism towards the certainty of future happiness... but not in the way you may expect. This novel has a twist in the tale. Perfect blend of humour, pathos and insight; a great read.' D.M. Brodie `Moving and inspiring in equal measure, I couldn't put it down.' C.M. Kay `Loved this no-nonsense character! An insightful novel complete with the feel-good factor.' Dave Wisdom `Heart-warming and hilarious. Captures the essence of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.' H.Tully

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