The Science of Mind (the Original 1926 Edition), Paperback/Ernest Shurtleff Holmes

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First published in 1926, "The Science of Mind" is the religious theory of Ernest Shurtleff Holmes, which posits that people can transform their lives by actively engaging their minds into religious activities. Holmes was the creator of Religious Science, a spiritual movement, belonging to the larger New Thought movement, which believed that science, philosophy, and religion could all be connected for the betterment of each individual. According to Holmes, God is a never-ending energy source, present in the whole universe. Through prayer, a person can reach God and heal spiritual, mental, and physical wounds. He believed that God's action and will occurred in the present and that with each and every choice a person makes, they are creating the "Eternal Now." Holmes argued that the universe was neutral, allowing each person to dictate positive and negative feelings in their life, allowing them to create their own individual reality. While quite a revolutionary idea, "The Science of Mind" has been used as an inspirational tool for those who feel spiritually lost. Though not his first work describing the Religious Science movement, Holmes' "The Science of Mind" is often hailed as the text which best illustrates the philosophy's beliefs. This edition is printed on premium acid-free paper and reproduces the original 1926 edition.

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