Hole in My Heart: Memoir and Report from the Fault Lines of Adoption, Paperback/MS Lorraine Dusky

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Description HOLE IN MY HEART is a birth mother's story told by the brave woman who defied convention and in 1975 broke the silence of women who had lost children to adoption. An award-winning journalist and a pioneer in adoption reform, Lorraine Dusky tells the heart-breaking story of relinquishment, reunion and redemption as she and her daughter navigate new territory in building a relationship and Dusky becomes an outspoken advocate for opening sealed birth records for adoptees. Psychological research places her story in a larger context and illuminates the hard truths that are at the center of every adoption-loss, guilt, abandonment and an incomplete sense of identity. Her daughter, the adoptee with two families, also speaks of the complications and uncertainties that infuse her life. Numerous footnotes. About the Author Lorraine Dusky is an award-winning journalist, editor and author. Her ground-breaking memoir, BIRTHMARK, published in 1979, is the first from a birth mother writing about the sorrow of relinquishing up a child to adoption. While intent on breaking out of "women's news" in the Sixties, Dusky's greatest interest lies in dissecting injustices against women, possibly an outgrowth of her extensive magazine writing on adoption loss. Her other books include THE BEST COMPANIES FOR WOMEN and STILL UNEQUAL: THE SHAMEFUL TRUTH ABOUT WOMEN AND JUSTICE IN AMERICA. Dusky won two Exceptional Merit Media Awards (EMMAS) from the National Women's Political Caucus for pieces in Self and Mc Call's, and was a finalist for a National Magazine Award for a piece in Town & Country. Her work has been anthologized and is frequently reprinted. Opinion pieces have appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, USA Today, Newsday, Cosmopolitan, and numerous daily newspapers on a variety of subjects. She has been a senior editor at Town & Country, Working Woman and Mc Call's, and a contributing editor of Yoga Plus Joyful Living. First Mother Forum, which she originated in 2008, is one o

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