A Beginner's Guide to Reading Gregorian Chant Notation/Noel Jones


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Description A simple and friendly guide to reading chant notation, the easiest guide in print to make help you learn to read Gregorian Chant fast. We do this by printing out the notes and signs as big as they were back in medieval days. Big notes are easier to read and remember. And when you open the Parish Book of Chant or the Liber Usualis you'll be able to read the notes. In Gregorian Chant notes are arranged like a train....each note or grouping has a clear purpose and when connected to its neighbors makes up a melody. Join the new schola at your church or school and find yourself confident and comfortable reading Gregorian Chant. Reviews: This was a great refresher, it's been years since I sang chant and this brought it all back to me fast Our schola appreciates how effective this book is, seeing these big notes makes it so much easier to recognize them in today's small printed pages that we usually find in churches. About the author Noel Jones started singing chant at the age of 7 in a choir of men and boys and followed that up by chanting daily masses as a teenager in a small town in Ohio. Summer studies with Benedictine monks took him further along the chant path prior to his leaving for New York City where he directed Catholic choirs and was organist at the Church Center for the United Nations as well as accompanist for the United Nations Singers. Later in Germany he was organist for the English masses at the DOM Cathedral in Frankfurt. In Italy, he played for masses at Il Duomo in Barga, Italy and produced and conducted the town's annual San Cristoforo Day celebration concert in the 11th century church. Working as an opera coach, he has worked with singers in Germany, Italy and the United States As a church organ designer, he eventually located in Tennessee, where he joined the staff of a Catholic church as director of music, involved in returning church music to chant and polyphony. The choir grew from 16 to 46 under his leadership. He is an Associate of the

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