Ally the Accepting Alligator, Paperback/Kim Trumbo

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In this colorful children's book Ally The Accepting Alligator teaches her friends about the importance of accepting others. It is written in rhyme and sure to help demonstrate to the young child in your life the message of acceptance. Ally the Accepting Alligator is a wonderful book, filled with great characters, which young children are sure to love. Ally loves nothing more than playing with all of her friends. They play many different games and make sure that they stay safe while having fun. Her friends include all sorts of animals and they get along just fine. But one day, when a different looking animal arrives, some of Ally's friends are unsure of it, because of the way it looks, and don't want Ally to invite to play. Ally doesn't understand why they would be so mean, and she talks to her mom about her feelings. The next day Ally has a choice to make. Will she allow her friends to exclude the new animal, or will she be the one to accept it into their group. With wonderful illustrations and a strong message of reconciliation, Ally the Accepting Alligator is certain to be a favorite book for your children. About the Author: Kim Trumbo is the Founder & Host of the Generosity Philosophy Podcast where she highlights heroes who live to give. She and her family live in the beautiful state of Oregon and share their home with 2 dogs and 3 cats. Kim is also the author of the children's book George The Generous Giraffe.

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