Always Good Enough, Paperback/Peggy Jenkins


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Description This book is based on my true life story and how the past plays a role in characteristics that we exhibit. Especially when I found out that I was born out of Rape. My parents had instilled in me the importance of putting God first in my life. I discovered on this journey the depth of some of those personality characteristics and how they played a role in shaping my future. I also discovered why I repeat over and over many of the same mistakes. My hope for the reader is that they will recognize some of the tendencies that many of us exhibit and then seek to understand them with the help of God. I was lead to a ministry called Wellsprings. This ministry opened my eyes to the reasons I had such competitive tendencies. It was born of an innate desire to fit in and be at the top of my game so that nobody would look down on me or my children. I was driven by fear of not feeling good enough. When I enrolled at Wellsprings, they helped me understand the power of generational curses and strongholds and how we can be born into them. Knowledge is power and the truth will set you free As my story unfolded, I discovered through a series of events that my parents were not 15 like we had been told. My mother was 28, married with 5 other children. I knew I was adopted at a young age. Several cousins on my dad's side would remind Keith (my brother) and I that we were not "real family". Now don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful adoption story from Bethany Home. I was a baby and couldn't have picked better parents if I had picked them myself. The truth is that my quest to find the key to my story includes many different twists and turns, some were devastating but others were pure joy. In the end, I realized that God's timing is perfect. He truly he is the author of my story ..... nobody could just make this stuff up One of the things that will help promote this book is completing my "story" by finding my birth father. But I also realize that God is my father The founder of S

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