Mew's Mythical Journey (Pok mon), Paperback/C. J. Nestor


Description Meet the Mythical Pok mon in this full-color picture book--with a glitter press-out playset As Pok mon Trainers venture from region to region, they discover the special creatures known as Mythical Pok mon. From Mew to Marshadow, all the Mythical Poke mon so far appear together in this full-color picture book that's perfect for Trainers ages 5 to 7 and collectors of all ages Plus, fans can play with the bonus press-out Pok mon and fold-out glittering background. The Poke mon universe is comprised of a unique group of more than 700 creatures that players can find, capture, train, trade, collect, and use in battle against their rivals in the quest to become top Poke mon Trainers. Each Poke mon is classified by specific types--such as Fire, Water, Grass, Psychic, and Fighting--each with its own strengths and weaknesses. About the author When C. J. NESTOR isn't writing, he's usually thinking about story ideas while pretending to focus on something that is definitely not story ideas. He also enjoys tabletop gaming, long drives, and bad movies of all sorts.

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