Mothering Through Pain and Suffering in Silence: A Collection of Stories from Survivors, Paperback/Jasmine Tane't Boudah

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In the pages that follow, you will be immersed in the lives of several astonishing Black women who are the descendants of enslaved Africans in the Americas. These women share heart wrenching stories of how they have grappled vigorously with the unforgiving circumstances they are confronted with as mothering is juxtaposed with their Black bodies while living in America. Seen in this way, living in this peculiar nation, given the inherently flawed foundation that has been paved by systemic racism, has created a vicious cycle of destruction for the Black woman, and many fail to talk about in great detail. In this book, the contributing authors will be referred to as Black wombmen to give honor to the divine position we hold on this planet being the first Mothers of Civilization whose wombs bring forth life alongside the Creator. The wombman possess a power so divine that many attempts have been made to separate us from the power of our wombs. It a spiritual connection between the Black wombman's yoni (vagina), womb (the portal of life), her heart, her soul and her mind. This attempt to strip of this power is reflected in the state of our communities and relationships. Understanding the divine essence of the Black wombman is extremely important for the sustainability of our future generations. About the Author: Jasmine Boudah, M. Ed, is the founder of Black Lotus mothers which provides a safe space for Black wombman to discuss their unique motherhood experiences and gather to receive emotional, spiritual and physical support from their peers and other community members. She is also founder of the Ubuntu Minneapolis Breastfeeding, Parenting and Literacy Initiative-a community focused program aimed to provide conscious parenting and breastfeeding education and early literally skills to new parents. Jasmine is passionate about eliminating disparities in education and maternal-infant health nationally but places a laser focus on Minneapolis where she currently resides. Among o

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