America's Massacre: The Audacity of Despair and a Message of Hope, Paperback/Tewhan Butler


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They called him Massacre, the leader of the Double ii Bloods, the first Blood set on the East Coast. History Channel's Gangland labeled him a central figure in the rise and spread of street gangs. But can just one man be held accountable, or is the truth more complex? Make no mistake: Tewhan "Massacre" Butler accepts his share of responsibility. But in America's Massacre: The Audacity of Despair and a Message of Hope, Butler argues, with his customary eloquence and charisma, that multiple factors influenced his actions, and the actions of many others trapped in the hopelessness of inner-city life. In this seminal memoir, Butler reflects on his life, the choices he made, and shares the hard lessons he has learned. He does not ask for sympathy. He sincerely wants to build understanding and help advance society. A must read for parents, educators, policymakers, the legal community, civic leaders, and concerned citizens the world over. About the Author: Tewhan Butler grew up in the infamous Illtown, the inner-city ghetto on the border of East Orange, and Newark, New Jersey, surrounded by self-made millionaires and international superstars. A standout student athlete and budding recording artist himself, Butler walked away from a record deal with music legend Quincy Jones' Quest Records at age sixteen to build an empire of his own-the nefarious Double ii Bloods. Considered by the US government as largely responsible for the rise of East Coast gang activity, Butler became the personal target of US Attorney Chris Christie, resulting in a sixty-six-count federal indictment in 2006 and a thirty-year prison term. Butler, known for his remarkable charisma and eloquence, is frequently moved from one prison to another, due to the government's persistent fear that he will provoke his fellow inmates-even though now, he only wants to use his skills to bring hope and light to inner-city conditions.

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