Keto Diet Recipes: Keto Meal Plan Cookbook, Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook for Beginners, Keto Desserts Recipes Cookbook, Paperback/Cameron Walker

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Are you done with cookbooks that are not really Keto, contain recipes with too many carbs and more protein than fat? Then this Ketogenic bundle offer is for you All original recipes have really high fat and way less than 10 gr of net carbs per meal This offer includes 3 books: Book1: KETO MEAL PLAN: YOUR COMPLETE 30 DAYS KETO-ADAPTATION RECIPE COOKBOOK (Please note: the recipes in this book o not require a Slow cooker appliance) The complete monthly guide schedule for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner for your best and fastest adaptation to the Keto lyfestyle Over 77 healthy and delicious whole-food recipes that will help your body burn fat and keep your cravings to zero (full images included ) Many tend to exceed with some macros or in calories or can fall victim to the temptation to give up before they can truly experience the benefits of being keto-adapted. Your 30-Day Ketogenic Meal Plan is not like most of the keto or recipes books you have read. It makes things simple, by eliminating confusion and some of the myths that exist in the low carb community and by laying out the milestones you must observe to have success on your keto quest. Offering a customizable approach that is tailored to the unique needs of the individual empowers everyone to develop a personalized nutrition plan, offering an incredible broad range of options for you to feel your everyday life can perfectly satisfy you even without (or at least with very low levels of) carbs. Here's a preview of what you'll have....(full images included ) Overview table of your 30 day Meal Plan - with macros & net carb calculations Understanding your macros: how to deal with calorie and determine your right fat intake How to manage protein intake so it is not too high or too low How to deal with carbs: total carbs vs. net carb calculation What to do to ensure you do not fall short on micronutrients How to avoid Keto Flu Breakfast recipes Lunch recipes Snack recipes Dinner recipes ....each recipe is detailed w

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