History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family: Particularly Descendants in America, Paperback/Alpheus Harlan


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ALPHEUS HARLAN'S CLASSIC TOME "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family in America" is not only a must-have keepsake for everybody with the last name or maiden-name of "Harlan," but is also an invaluable historical guide and documentation tool for ANYONE interested in genealogical research in North America. Hundreds of other surnames are listed and referenced in early Colonial America. This is an exact reprint of the original history, (Vol. 1 being the first half), begun in the Year of Our Lord 1625 - just 14 years after the first printing of the King James Bible - and retains all the archaic spelling and pronunciation of the Elizabethan English of the day. It documents in detail the three Harland Brothers who arrived in the New World with their fellow Puritan Pilgrims in a ship that set sail from England a few years after the Mayflower, landing in Delaware; how the famous Mason-Dixon Line is anchored on the Harlan Farm there; how their family helped establish Quaker Meeting Houses across Pennsylvania; how they established Harlan County, Kentucky, and Harlan County, Nebraska, and dozens of other Harlan towns and sites across the Wild West; how their family was torn apart during the Civil War, fighting for both the U. S. Army and the Confederate Army - two Harlan soldiers from the North, and two from the South, all killed together at the Battle of Bull Run; how Harlan Quakers ran key Safe Houses for the Underground Railroad that Harriet Tubman's escapees stayed in; how the daughter of U. S. Senator James Harlan married the son of President Abraham Lincoln; why there are two U. S. Supreme Court Justice John Marshal Harlans; why there is an African American branch of the Harlan Family, and a Latin American branch, and a Native American branch (with Harlan cousins still living on the Omaha Indian Tribe Reservation), a British branch, and an Irish branch of the family - who built the most famous ship in the world, the Titanic There was a Congressman Harlan, a Judge Harlan

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