The Inversion Revolution: Beyond Back Pain to Wellness, Hardcover/Michael James McKay

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Description The Inversion Revolution, Beyond Back Pain to Wellness, presents an introduction to Self-Care and gives a deep understanding how inversion can be used as a central tool that can take a person beyond back pain - to Wellness. Millions of people have seen TV commercials selling high angle inversion tables to alleviate back pain. These are so common that many - even the Mayo Clinic - mistakenly equate inversion therapy with going upside down at high angles which is scary and inappropriate for many people. Presenting the history of inversion the author points out that high angle inversion is NOT necessary. Conservative low angle inversion (aka slanting) can be very effective and can be constructed so the person feels safe and secure to do it alone without a spotter being needed. What is health? What is Wellness? The book explores these two pivotal questions and presents a large number of practical Self-Care strategies the author has used for regaining balance and overcoming obstacles which has allowed him to live a life in greater freedom from pain and enjoying expanded possibilities. This book is for those who are in pain or love someone who is in pain; it is for those who want to learn how to become the General Contractor of their own health and how to work more effectively with their chosen healthcare providers. The book includes bonus material on how to create a Self-Care toolkit and an important exercise program called The 4 Minute Miracle which is suitable for most people whether their health condition is marginal, modestly healthy or athletically fit. Michael Mc Kay L. M.T. is the author and inventor of Gravity Pal(R) low angle inversion tables which includes the only portable table on the market today. The author chronicles how he overcame crippling back pain and avoided surgery by developing a new, breakthrough method using low angle inversion, for only 1 to 3 minutes at a time, that not only achieves gentle compression relief but also provides many cumulati

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