A Fox's Tail/MR Brandon Varnell

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Kevin's life has finally started settling down. Sure, he still has to deal with Lilian's zany antics, but desensitization has set in at last and he's actually beginning to enjoy the gorgeous Kitsune's continued presence. Too bad he's in denial. Unfortunately, while the waters of his life appear relatively calm, things are about to get ecchi--I mean ugly. A tsundere dressed in Gothic Lolita fashion... A boy whose hair is bigger than his brain... A new enemy that makes Chris Fleischer look like a fifty pound weakling... Trying to admit his feelings for a certain tomboy... Not to mention Lilian herself. Yeah, Kevin's got problems, and life can only get more strenuous from here on out. Oh well. At least he hasn't been turned into a Harem Protagonist. About the Author: Brandon first got into anime when he was just a brat. Naturally, his first anime ever happened to be Dragon Ball Z, because what child wouldn't enjoy watching really ripped dudes go Super Saiyan, fly around, and shoot large beams of DOOM out of their hands? Ever since then, a good deal of Brandon's inspiration for just about anything came from anime. A little while after discovering anime he discovered manga, and it opened up an entire new world, such as Japanese light novels and various forms of out of this world perverted fantasy that only the Japanese could ever come up with...like tentacle monsters. Shudder. Some of Brandon's favorite anime, manga and/or light novels are Guren Lagann, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, High School Dx D, Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero, Kaze no Stigma, Rosario+Vampire, Girls Bravo and many MANY others...no, really, there's like, 1, 000 more in his data banks. Aside from all things Japanese, Brandon enjoys reading a story that contains a good mix of action, adventure, comedy, romance, witty dialogue, an in depth story with incredibly detailed characters and powerful character development.

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