Global Passage: Transformation of Panama and the Panama Canal/Robert R. McMillan

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Description Global Passage: Transformation of Panama and the Panama Canal by former Panama Canal Commission Chairman Robert R. Mc Millan is an insider's brilliantly researched book about the past, present and future of Panama and the Panama Canal. The book fully covers the $6. 9 billion dollar canal expansion, the role of China in Latin America, the evolution of democracy in Panama, and the possibility of a competing canal in Nicaragua. "Bob Mc Millan makes a significant contribution with his insightful chronology of events and personal experiences surrounding Operation Just Cause, the Canal transition and United States Panama relations. I thoroughly enjoyed it." -- Former Congressman and United States Ambassador to Panama, William J. Hughes About the Author Mr. Mc Millan was named by President George HW bush to the board of the Panama Canal commission. In October of 1993, Mr. Mc Millan was elected chairman of the commission's board of Directors -- the first chairman who was not an official of the Department of Defense. He also served as an assistant to Richard M. Nixon, as counsel to U. S. Senator Kenneth b. Keating during the Cuban missiles crisis, and in a wide range of assignments as a corporate officer of Avon Products, Inc. Mr. Mc Millan was a member of the board of trustees of the American Medical Association for six years, the board's first non-physician. He also was on the board of Directors of Well Choice, Inc. (Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield) from 1994 through 2005. After running for the United States Senate and winning editorial "praise" from "The new York times," Mr. Mc Millan co-hosted Face-off, a PBS television show, for over fourteen years. In addition he has provided commentary on MSNBC, CNN, and Fox. Occasionally, he has written columns for "Newsday" and "The New York times." In addition, he has written two books, "Global Passage-Transformation of Panama and the Panama Canal" and "Columns: Marilyn Monroe to Vietnam and Iraq."

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