ACT Math: The Guide: Skip the Prep Courses, Paperback/Jacob Brezinski

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Contributor(s):Author: Jacob Brezinski Are your scores stuck? Are you preparing to take the ACT test for the first time and you feel lost? Forget the idea that the ACT Math is "something I can't improve on." This book is the blueprint for YOUR ACT prep success. It's got the strategies, the content, and the practice that you need exceed your goals. It's a workbook, prep course, and a math review all in one Whether the test is tomorrow and you need a crash course or months from now and you need a review, the book will help This step-by-step guide covers every math topic on the ACT. The book can tell you what you need to cover, what strategies to use, and how you will succeed. How is this book different? To start with, it doesn't read like a textbook. It's designed to be a replacement for prep courses. It's the most comprehensive ACT Math book available, but it's easy to read. It's full of diagrams, visuals, and has videos to go along with the material. The book is written in small self-contained topics (systems of equations, percentages, etc.). Every topic has a lesson, killer strategies, and a concentrated problem set with incredibly detailed solutions. What about strategy? Strategy is EVERYWHERE in this book. It's in every topic, in each section, and in its own chapter. What about my section management and other skills? Use the book to discover critical hacks for your preparation and section management. How do I practice? Each topic has it's own set of practice problems tailored to the skills you need on test day. Treat the practice problems like a super-focused, detailed problem book. How do you target what I need? There are two ways to target what you need. There's a detailed method for breaking down your ACT score report and using it to guide your practice. Take one or more of the six pretests to identify which topics you need to see. How do I work on my math skills? This book is designed for meaningful practice. Each topic is small enough to cover quickly, and concentrated

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