Tie-Ins for Life: Stories That Teach Great Values and Inspire Moral Action, Paperback/Joseph C. Shusko

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Contributor(s):Author: Joseph C. Shusko How do you teach values? How do you keep yourself and others motivated and positive under the stresses of everyday life, not to mention the rigors of combat as a U. S. Marine? "Not with lectures, that is for sure," says Joseph "Joe Marine" Shusko. Joe Shusko has mentored hundreds of Marines, police officers, and regular folk with great success for over thirty years. His secret? He tells them stories that inspire moral behavior and an enthusiastic perspective on life. He calls these stories "tie-ins" because they do more than make you feel good, they inspire moral action. "Ethics," says Joe, "are moral values in action. I typically give a 'tie-in' to my students after we have done some physical exercise together, especially martial arts training. This allows me to 'tie' a moral lesson to the physical action in order to make Ethical Warriors." Now he has written down his collection of world-famous tie-ins for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Pick up the book, open to any page, and feel a moral rejuvenation Note: This book was revised in 2015 with more stories and a special section on leadership and mentoring Joe has worked assiduously to craft tools that enable and inspire young leaders to examine themselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. - Maj Gen Thomas Jones, USMC (Ret) I have heard Joe tell these stories in front of many audiences, from battle-hardened Marines to skeptical civilians and everyone in between. The reaction? "These stories are great " And they are great, because Joe has found the secret to teaching moral values: tell stories that inspire moral action. - Jack E. Hoban, President of Resolution Group International