The Life of a Bitch and a Thug: A Chi-Town Hood Love Story/Krystle Yvette

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Description Kayylin (Kayy) Fields is a young woman who has been through a lot in her young life. From being touched by her step brother to being betrayed by her brother and best friend. She's also in love with her friend Deyon who's finishing up a three year bid but she's skeptical about being in a relationship with him out of fear that it will ruin the friendship so she seeks other options. Kaylin then meets Chaz, one of her brothers' friends whom she thought would be her sweet dream but yet he turned out to be her beautiful nightmare when she finds out that he has a side to him that she never knew about. Deyon finally gets released just in time to be Kayy's saving grace, but that didn't last long due to fatal circumstances causing Kayy's life to spiral out of control which causes her to have two major questions. Who can she trust and does she have what it takes to remain a Thugs ride or die chick? Find out the answers in "The Life of A Bitch and A Thug."

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