Writing & Drawing Prompt Activity Book for Kids Can You Draw & Write about This? Dot Grid Sketchbook for Creative Stories, Poetry & Art: Dotted Paper, Paperback/Jb Books

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Description Writing & Drawing Prompt Activity Book For Kids Can You Draw & Write About This? Dot Grid Sketchbook For Creative Stories, Poetry & Art Dotted Paper With 100 Ideas For Children To Create Fun & Silly Pictures, Story Board Scenes, Comics, Cartoons & Poems - Best of all worlds: Dot paper allows the versatility for writing as with lined paper, but also drawing or doodling. - 100 pages, each page has a prompt to describe and/or draw something interesting and fun. - Example 1: You're going on a week-long camping trip but you can only take 10 items. What items would you take, and why? - Example 2: Draw and write about visitors from outer space. - Reliable standards: Book industry perfect binding (the same standard binding as the books in your local library). - Tough, matte paperback. Crisp white paper that minimizes ink bleed-through. The book is great for either pen or pencil users. - Light weight, easy to carry around or keep on your office desk. Great for after school activity, or birthday present.

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