Cranium-Cracking Cryptic Crosswords, Paperback/Tony Chesterley

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Description Tony Chesterley returns with a new compendium of 40 mind-warping puzzles to further delight fans of the cryptic crossword. Unlike the conventional crossword clue, a cryptic clue offers two paths to its answer: a straight definition and a disguised wordplay description, which might involve a charade, anagram, word reversal, homophone or word within a word - or any combination thereof. For instance, the clue "Clothing subsidiary owned by men (8)" leads to the answer GARMENTS ("clothing"), which is ARM ("subsidiary") inside of ("owned by") GENTS ("men"). Sleuthing the puzzle writer's secret code provides mental amusement far beyond that of the regular crossword. So sharpen your pencils, tune in your brain and dive into this sumptuous stockpile of surreptitious surprises About the Author Tony Chesterley has savored cryptic crosswords since his days in college. He draws inspiration from the many venerable constructors who have amused U. S. puzzle buffs with this addictive form of crossword invented in the British Isles. With a style and erudition that befits American solvers, Tony strives to write crosswords that are both wily and entertaining. His alacrity toward deceptive definitions and grammatical ambiguity is sure to keep even veteran solvers guessing: One female wearing short skirt way up (3, 4) Twisted bent hood of Mini Cooper (6) Certain ships curiously can't dock (8) Out with clumsy, wild-eyed bore (7)

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