The Maine Woods, Paperback/Henry David Thoreau

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Description Published posthumously in 1864 and based on Henry David Thoreau's lengthy experiences in the forests of Maine on three separate occasions in 1846, 1853, and 1857, "The Maine Woods" is a captivating portrait of the largely unexplored region in the mid-1800s. Rich with the naturalistic detail that is common with Thoreau's writing, readers will delight in the exquisiteness with which Thoreau relates his experiences in nature. He took constant note of all that was around him: the native people and their languages, the loggers and their harsh work, the rivers, streams, woods, and abundant wildlife. Thoreau was insistent on experiencing all that the woods had to offer and spent his time climbing peaks, paddling canoes, trying local foods, and observing the details all around him. While Thoreau captures the beauty and uniqueness of his physical environment, these journeys into the woods were also deeply personal. He becomes more thoughtful and gains a better understanding of his own weaknesses and frailties and also reaffirms his deep passion and love for the natural world in its unspoiled state. "The Maine Woods" is a classic work of adventure and discovery that will enchant nature enthusiasts. This edition is printed on premium acid-free paper.

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