Eggbert and Eggberta: From the Original Published in 1961, Paperback/L. a. F

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EGGBERT is here again. Well, not quite here - but he'll be born soon. Meanwhile, he is developing and refining his definite and often unique ideas on love and life, digestion and indigestion, sex and even sisters. And Sis is wide-eyed with wonder at his wit and wisdom. Whether you are expecting your own little one, or just expecting to laugh, Eggbert and Eggberta will not disappoint you. EGGBERT is a prenatal pixie. Whether you are expecting you own little pixie, or just expecting to laugh, Eggbert and Eggberta will not disappoint you. EGGBERT, and this small book, will take the Mother-to-be on a wondrous journey through morning sickness and doctors appointments to that amazing moment when she first feels life inside her; and sonograms and baby showers and preparing the nursery. This book is a faithful reproduction of that original published in 1961 and it will keep the expectant Mom laughing all the way from the beginning of her pregnancy right to the big day when her little one enters the world. We wish all Moms love, joy, fulfillment, and we provide this collection of cartoons as forever proof that humor is the best medicine in the world. Enjoy

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