Anatole France - The Revolt of the Angels, Paperback/Anatole France

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Anatole France's comic novel follows Monsieur Julien Sariette, a caretaker charged with the task of caring for an immensely large and valuable family library. A total of three hundred thousand rare books constitute the d'Esparvieu family's collection. Faced with insurmountable difficulty caring for them alone, the family hire Sariette - a librarian and caretaker whose fastidiousness is scarcely rivalled. Yet one morning, as Sariette enters the library, he realises that much of it has been left in complete disorder. Worse still, several of the rare tomes have gone missing. Distressed, Sariette informs his employers - who immediately order better locks and security installed. Defying all expectation, the thefts and cluttering of the collection continue, to the point where Sariette is distressed almost to the point of insanity. Help arrives from an unlikely source: an oblivious young member of the family named Maurice d'Esparvieu, who must solve the mysterious disappearances and restore peace to his household. A classic comedy of surprise twists and witty humor, The Revolt of the Angels is one of Anatole France's most overlooked yet likeable novels. Interspersing the comic with the supernatural, the tale retains its unique quirks and readability into the modern day.

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