Camp Marmalade, Paperback/Wayne Koestenbaum

Camp Marmalade, Paperback/Wayne Koestenbaum

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Camp Marmalade takes the freedoms of trance utterance--unfettered verbal association, explicit auto-ethnography, erotic bricolage--and applies a more stringent sense of time-as-emergency to this liberation-oriented poetic method. Part diary, part collage, part textbook for a new School of Impulse, Camp Marmalade assembles a perverse and giddy cultural archive, a Ferris wheel of aphorisms, depicting a queer body amidst a dizzying flow of sensations, dreams, and sex-and-death distillations--whether sugary, fruity, bitter, expired, or freshly jarred. "Like an impossible love child from a late-night, drunken three-way between Joan Didion, Roland Barthes, and Susan Sontag, Wayne Koestenbaum inherited all their stylistic wonder and laser-beam smarts, but with the added point-blank jolt of sex."--Bruce Hainley, Bidoun

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