Mathematics Instruction and Tasks in a Plc at Work(tm): (develop a Standards-Based Math Curriculum in Your Professional Learning Community), Paperback/Timothy D. Kanold


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Part of the Every Student Can Learn Mathematics series Improve your students' comprehension and perseverance in mathematical practices. This user-friendly book is divided into two parts, each covering a key team action for mathematics instruction in a PLC at Work(TM). First you'll examine high-quality research-affirmed math lesson design elements. Then you'll learn how to implement them within your math lesson routines and activities. The book features team discussion tools, sample math lesson designs, strategies for improving student discourse of mathematical concepts, online resources for instructional support, and more. Implement instructional strategies for math, in a professional learning community: Plan for the use of balanced rigorous mathematical practices and routines to teach each content standard during core mathematics instruction. Identify mathematics content standards students must learn in a unit and the appropriate math activities and tasks needed to develop understanding, application, and fluency progressions of mathematical concepts. Understand the importance of communicating the why of mathematical skills and essential learning standards to students. Implement instructional strategies for math that ensure the formative learning of all students during lessons. Contents: Introduction Part I: Team Action 1: Develop High-Quality, Essential, and Balanced Lesson-Design Elements Chapter 1: Essential Learning Standards: The Why of the Lesson Chapter 2: Prior-Knowledge Warm-Up Activities Chapter 3: Academic Language Vocabulary as Part of Instruction Chapter 4: Lower- and Higher-Level Cognitive Demand Mathematical Task Balance Chapter 5: Whole-Group and Small-Group Discourse Balance Chapter 6: Lesson Closure for Evidence of Learning Chapter 7: Mathematics Lesson-Design Tool Part II: Use Lesson Design Elements to Provide Formative Feedback and Foster Student Perseverance Chapter 8: Essential Learning Standards and Prior Knowledge Warm-Up Activities Chapter 9

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