Cicluri economico-financiare in evolutia sistemului monetar international



Integral - 2019 - 210 de pagini



Prezenta lucrare isi propune sa analizeze ciclurile din domeniul social-economic si financiar, din ultimile doua secole. Prima parte este redactata in limba romana. Partea a doua, in limba engleza, contine studii/ eseuri abordand tematica primei parti, dezvoltand cele mai importante idei, teze, dar si idei complementare, aprofundand diferite aspecte sau fenomene, fie prin explicitare fie prin exemplificare. In acest mod, sper ca ideile si propunerile, prezentate argumentat, sa beneficieze de un circuit mai larg. This paper is dwelling on the relation between the positive and normative dimensions of the economic process. On the one hand, it is analysed both the contradictory and the complementary aspects of the two approaches and, on the other hand, there is a pleading for the positive/ normative symbiosis. A complementary approach is regarding the necessary symbiosis between real and nominal aspects of the economy. Taking into consideration the tribulations of the world economy, the author considers that economic science is confronted with the urgent need for a new paradigm. In this context, there are identified two conceptual 'triads' which could ease the way to a new paradigmatic structure of economic theory, able to contribute substantially to restoring the ecological equilibrium and to an equitable social distribution of incomes and wealth.

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