Mind The Characters (with Audio CD)


Black Cat Publishing - 2008 - 120 de pagini



Mind the Characters is a journey into the world of English language fiction through the analysis of short stories and modern fables . The authors of the texts include Oscar Wilde, Isaac Asimov, James Thurber and Fredric Brown.
Each of the ten units looks at the relationships between the characters and their worlds - both real and imaginary. The characters include Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf, a little girl and a talking snail, a little boy and a star, a man and a computer and a pair of vampires and an alien.

INTERACT WITH LITERATURE offers a wide range of original literary texts from intermediate level upwards (unabridged short stories or extracts from novels, as well as complete unabridged plays) from English-speaking countries, designed to introduce students to the world of literature. The aim of these volumes is to familiarise readers with the language of literature and encourage them to formulate their own response to what they read. Each volume concentrates on a particular theme, genre or literary current.

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