Eternal Longing, Impossible Love – Eternul Dor, Imposibila Iubire (English Translations Adrian George Sahlean)


    „While «national poet» Mihail Eminescu (1850-1889) is often described as the Romanian soul, modern literary language in Romania is also much indebted to him. His work encompassed every genre of poetry (love, philosophical, cosmological, mythological, historical, sociosatiric, etc.) as well as prose and journalism. Eminescu is considered Europe's last great romantic, not least because he gave voice of unmistakable music to the sadness of love. However, his legacy transcends the confines of Romanticism, the literary and philosophical Western traditions, the Far East influences and even the obvious imprint of Romanian folklore. Blessed with the touch of genius, his synthesis is a personal world of meaning about the life of Man and of the Cosmos in archetypal images of universal worth.” (Adrian George Sahlean)
    Traducere in limba engleza de Adrian George Sahlean

    Contents / Cuprins:
• Critical reactions and commentaries / Reactii critice si comentarii 
• Ode (In Ancient Meter) / Oda (in metru antic)
• Stars in the Sky / Stelele-n Cer
• Unto The Star / La Steaua
• The Legend of the Evening Star / Legenda Luceararului
• Over Treetops / Peste Varfuri 
• Why Don't You Come / De ce nu-mi vii 
• Wretched Dionis / Sarmanul Dionis 
• With My Thought, Images Plenty / Cu gandiri si cu imagini
• Glossa / Glossa
• First Epistle - Satire / Scrisoarea I
• The Pairless Poplars / Pe langa plopii fara sot
• With Yearning Last I Sigh / Mai am un singur dor
• A Sad Enchantment and Obscure Un / farmec trist si nenteles 
• Bio note / Nota biografica Adrian George Sahlean

     Fragment din volum:
Over treetops, white moon wanders,
  Forest boughs shake gentle leaf,
Sounds a horn with distant grief,
  Alders bow their heads asunder. 
Far away and ever farther,
  Softer still, its fading breath
Soothing with a dream of death
  My soul's unrelenting ardor. 
Why your music from me sever
  When I turn to you forlorn -
Will you sound again sweet horn
  For my soul's enchantment, ever? (1883) 
Peste varfuri trece luna,
  Codru-si bate frunza lin,
Dintre ramuri de arin
  Melancolic cornul suna.
Mai departe, mai departe,
  Mai incet, tot mai incet,
Sufletu-mi nemangaiet
  Indulcind cu dor de moarte.
De ce taci, cand fermecata
  Inima-mi spre tine-ntorn?
Mai suna-vei dulce corn,
  Pentru mine vreodata? (1883)”

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