Anxiety Anonymous: The Big Book on Anxiety Addiction, Paperback



Msi Press - 2015 - 234 de pagini



When you are in the grip of anxiety, fear, or worry: -Do you feel powerless to stop your reacting? -Does your life feel unmanageable? -Does your craving for control interfere with your life? -Do you feel hopeless for a cure? If you answer ``yes`` to these questions, you anxiety has become an addiction. It acts like a drug that excites, numbs, and possesses you, causing you to avoid a full life. Viewing anxiety as an addiction, Dennis Ortman, Ph. D. guides you through the time-tested Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to find relief from your anxiety. He shows how the Steps offer practical wisdom on how to transform your anxious habits of thinking into constructive action. The Steps invite you to stop, look, listen, and then consciously act to create a new life, awakening your true self.

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