Quest for Learning: How to Maximize Student Engagement (Strategies to Engage Students in the Classroom Using Guided Inquiry Design), Paperback

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With Foreword by Heidi Hayes Jacobs It's crucial for 21st century teachers and students to determine together what a student will learn and at what pace. This book dives deep into quest learning, a customizable inquiry model tailored to a student's interests, needs, and abilities. Learn how to use questing to engross students in emotionally gripping learning experiences, engage them with actionable goals, build 21st century skills, and promote collaboration in online and physical spaces. Learn how to motivate students using the education quest model: - Foster students' 21st century learning by engaging critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and self-direction. - Form learning partnerships with students that lead to co-teaching and co-learning. - Explore the three main design types through which students can quest to learn: (1) inquiry, (2) network, and (3) game. - Investigate the guided inquiry design decisions involved in identifying a quest, determining checkpoints, and helping students reflect on their quest. - Use formative assessment templates for engaging students in learning. Contents: Foreword by Heidi Hayes Jacobs Introduction Part I: Establishing Chapter 1: Making the Case for Questing Chapter 2: Identifying Questing Components Chapter 3: Inquiring With Question Design Chapter 4: Playing With Game Design Chapter 5: Building Connections With Network Design Part II: Guiding Chapter 6: Launching the Quest Chapter 7: Introducing Students to Quests Chapter 8: Providing Instructional Support Chapter 9: Demonstrating Learning Appendix A: Frequently Asked Questions Appendix B: Questing Framework Questions Aligned to Decision Matrix Appendix C: Sample Complete Quest References and Resources Index

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