PSAT 8/9 Math Workbook: For Students in Grades 8 and 9., Paperback

PSAT 8/9 Math Workbook: For Students in Grades 8 and 9., Paperback

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Focus, Foundation, Practice. This is what you need to crack the Math section of the new PSAT 8/9. Focus Prep PSAT 8/9 Math Workbook has 24 Essential lessons with over 300 Calculator and No-Calculator problems in the three topics tested. See the Table Of Contents below. All lessons are in Quick Review format to help you review vast amount of material quickly and remember them for a long time. After completing this workbook, you will have sharp foucs, strong foundation, and adequate practice that is required to ace the new PSAT 8/9 for Grades 8 and 9. Visit Gift Of Logic. com for blog and free downloads. Also available - Focus Prep PSAT 8/9 Reading and Writing Workbook and SAT Math Workbook for the Redesigned PSAT 10, PSAT/NMSQT and SAT. --------------------------------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS ORIENTATION & FOCUS CHAPTER 1 PROBLEM SOLVING & DATA ANALYSIS Lesson 1 Numbers and Operations Lesson 2 Factors and Multiples Lesson 3 Word problems Lesson 4 Ratio, Rate, and Variation Lesson 5 Percentages Lesson 6 Unit Conversions Lesson 7 Scatterplots Lesson 8 Graphs and Tables Lesson 9 Growth and Decay Lesson 10 Statistics Lesson 11 Population and Sample Lesson 12 Counting Lesson 13 Probability CHAPTER 2 HEART OF ALGEBRA Lesson 14 Linear Equations Lesson 15 System of Linear Equations Lesson 16 Linear Inequalities Lesson 17 System of Linear Inequalities Lesson 18 Linear Models and Graphs Lesson 19 Absolute Equalities/Inequalities CHAPTER 3 PASSPORT TO ADVANCED MATH Lesson 20 Polynomials/Quadratic Equations Lesson 21 Linear - Quadratic Systems Lesson 22 Functions and Transformations Lesson 23 Radicals & Fractional Exponents APPENDIX Lesson 24 Calculator ---------------------------------------------------------

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