Romania. The Centenarian of The Great Union 1918-2018

Romania. The Centenarian of The Great Union 1918-2018

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I put on my head, in this ancient city of Roman Dacia, the crown < of> from Plevna, which, by means of us and glorious battles, it was made forever the crown of Greater Romania, I bow with piety to the memory of those who, at all times and everywhere, through their faith, work and sacrifice, have ensured our national unity, and I greet with love those who proclaimed it in unison and in a feeling from Tisa to Nistru until down to the sea. [...]

I want that, between the boundaries of Greater Romania, all good sons of the country, without differenciation based on religion and nationality, to use their rights equal to those of all Romanians, to help with all their strenght this State, the one in which God Above has put in good order for them to live alongside us. I want Romanians from all social layers, animated by the aspiration towards a national brotherhood, to use together the legitimate protection of the State. I want that, during my reign, our country fulfills its mission of civilization by means of a high and large cultural development, mission which is due to it in the rebirth of the Eastern Europe after so many centuries of terrible struggles. - Proclamation to the country of October is, 1922, of King Ferdinand I

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