MasterMind Groups: Accelerators of Success, Paperback

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How do you bring yourself, your team and your venture to the next level of success? This is the question that entrepreneurs, managers and business leaders ask themselves every day. Creating or joining a Mastermind group is one of the most powerful and effective answers to that question. A Mastermind group is an innovative form of collective intelligence whose purpose is to support those who want to go to take their lives or ventures to a new level, realize an ambitious project or quickly develop a business idea. This book describes how the principles of generative collaboration and collective intelligence can be applied to create a powerful and effective Mastermind group, and clearly explains what to expect from such a group. It also provides all the necessary information for individuals and consultants who wish to create and facilitate their own Mastermind groups. The 8 co-authors of this book wrote it as a collective effort, applying the Mastermind group process in order to share their own experience of collective intelligence to help you achieve success

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